Waiting sucks

You know what sucks the most? Waiting sucks, waiting for him to call , waiting for him to message waiting for him to like my picture waiting for his hugs his kisses waiting to see him waiting to be with him waiting for him to come back waiting for him to fall in love with me all over again .. All I can do is wait but waiting sucks

I’m just living with a hope and waiting that maybe one day he will come back I hope he does


College life

I’m 18 I’m doing fashion communication this is the course I always wanted to do but now I have doubts within myself I mean I want to see myself working for a magazine in another five years down the lane but I even question myself If I could do law if I did the right thing by following my dream but in the end I guess we all just want to be happy … Happy in doing what we are happy in life happy in everything but I can’t seem to find happiness and my new form of addiction is smoking these days and smoking weed but well india has probably the worst weed ever but who the hell cares


I think there is just one thing which connects each one of us .. Who hasn’t gone through this phase ? To be honest I’d never wish for someone to go through this phase because it really sucks the worst feeling ever HEARTBREAK .. I have been through it before but then why does it hurt so much everytime.. my boyfriend and I broke up I can’t seem to get over him why is it so hard for me to move on? I know I’m just 18 and I have my whole life ahead of me but the thought of him being with someone else is killing me the thought that he isn’t mine sucks I hope he comes back I really do


So basically I’m just going through a break up right now and Last night I got super drunk and made out with my bestfriend, I feel so sick about it not because he isn’t attractive but because I’m spoiling my friendship with him … And I really don’t want that 😔 because now he expects me to makeout with him again apparently when I was drunk I told him we should do this again .. Which makes me wanna barf because it’s so so so awkward for me I hate this

First post

Hiiii so I’m 18 I don’t really want to reveal my name because I just want to come here talk about my life and share my stories so you all can call me S.
I’m from india, I’m studying fashion communication I always wanted to this course and work in a magazine I was inspired by devil wears prada basically lol , I have three dogs I absolutely love dogs I wish to have my own farm someday so that I can adopt more dogs! I’m so moody anddddd I love shopping anyway gotta go
Bye for now x